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Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE)

The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) developed the Fundamental Use of Surgical EnergyTM (FUSE) program to meet the need for increased education and training in the principles and properties of operating electrosurgical instruments safely. SAGES encourages learning and applying these fundamental skills in order to ensure a minimal standard of care for all patients undergoing surgery.

FUSE was designed to certify that a successful candidate has demonstrated the knowledge fundamental to the safe use of surgical energy-based devices in the operating room, endoscopic suite and other procedural areas. The educational module consists of a web-based multimedia presentation of didactic content which is available, free-of-charge, at www.fusedidactic.org.The assessment is a computer based multiple-choice exam.

The FUSE program covers:

  • Fundamental of Electrosurgery
  • Mechanisms and Prevention of Adverse Events
  • Monopolar Devices
  • Bipolar Devices
  • Radiofrequency for Soft Tissue Ablation
  • Endoscopic Devices
  • Ultrasonic Energy Devices
  • Microwave Energy Systems
  • Energy Devices in Pediatric Surgery
  • Integration of Energy Systems with Other Devices
  • Prevention of OR Fires
  • Surgical Smoke and Aerosolization Safety


To purchase CME credit, Contact Hours, or a FUSE Test Voucher, please go to fuse.surgicalfundamentals.org


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