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The FUSE Assessment

Content: The questions for the FUSE examination are based on the following major subject areas deemed applicable to the safe use of electrosurgical instruments:

  • Fundamentals of Electrosurgery
  • Mechanisms and Prevention of Adverse Events
  • Monopolar Devices
  • Bipolar Devices
  • Radiofrequency for Soft Tissue Ablation
  • Endoscopic Devices1
  • Ultrasonic Energy Devices
  • Microwave Energy Systems
  • Energy Devices in Pediatric Surgery
  • Integration of Energy Systems with Implanted Cardiac Devices
  • Prevention of OR Fires
  • Surgical Smoke and Aerosolization Safety

While the content outline shown above is parallel to that used for the educational module, the two are considered to be independent of each other. The assessment will include questions related to the content outline that are deemed important for the practice of the safe use of surgical-energy based devices whether or not they have been thoroughly covered in the didactic educational program.

Questions are designed to test the understanding and application of principles and properties of operating electrosurgical instruments safely with as much emphasis as possible on clinical judgment and/or intraoperative decision-making.

Format: The FUSE assessment consists of eighty multiple-choice questions. For each question you are to select the one best alternative response based on the information given. There may be more than one response that fits the question but each question has only one best answer.

Time Considerations: You will have 90 minutes to complete the FUSE test.

Scoring Procedures: Answers to each question are scored as correct or incorrect by the computer and results for the total test are transmitted to the SAGES office for evaluation. The passing score is based upon obtaining a recommended level of proficiency on the assessment. The required level of proficiency is determined by the FUSE committee based on psychometric evaluation of the assessment and on data from prescribed standard-setting studies. As several forms of the cognitive assessment may be used, statistical procedures ensure that the level of performance needed to pass the different forms are equivalent.

Inclusion of Non-Scored Questions: Some questions may be included in the cognitive assessment to improve the assessment process and to provide data for verifying the measurement properties of the assessments. Such questions are not counted in determining scores.

Score Reporting
Typically,score reports will be issued approximately three to four weeks after of the testing date. The FUSE score report indicates your score, states the passing score for the assessment and indicates if you passed and/or failed the assessment. Those who successfully pass the assessment will receive a FUSE Certificate of Completion.

Review of Scores: Scoring for the exam is computer generated and then sent to the FUSE office for input into our database and certificate generation. Assessment appeals must be filed with the FUSE office in writing within six months of receiving the score.

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