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FUSE Product Packages

*All vouchers expire 1-year after date of issue*

FUSE Program with Accreditation Exam: Anyone may take the exam, including allied health care professionals, medical students, non-medical professionals, and others with less than 1-year of clinical experience in the operating room; however, the exam is recommended for licensed physicians (including MD, DO, & MBBS), surgical technicians, and nurses, who have at least 1-year of OR experience. Reviewing the FUSE on-line didactic material and completing the Accreditation Exam provides up to 12 CME/CEU credits.

Individual Packages

• Resident / Society Member Voucher –
1 FUSE Test Voucher (special discount for all residents, regardless of membership,
and active members of SAGES, AAGL, AUA, and AORN)                                                     $100
• Non-Society Member Voucher –
1 FUSE Test Voucher (non-members of SAGES, AAGL,AUA, and AORN)                               $145

Retest Voucher
retest fee for one person, one time                                                                                 $100

FUSE Program without Accreditation Exam: The didactic on-line material for the FUSE program is available for free to all registered users. Fees listed in this section are for users wishing to receive CME/CEU credits for reviewing the didactic material and completing the self-assessment quizzes (up to 10.5 CME/CEU credits upon program completion). Note: If a society member or individual non-member purchases the CME/CEU credit package and later decides to take the FUSE Accreditation Exam, a FUSE test voucher may be purchased to do this, but no additional CME/CEU credits will be given for taking the exam.

• Society Member –
CME/CEU credit for 1 individual (special discount for active
member of SAGES, AAGL, AUA, and AORN)                                                                             $65
• Individual Non-Member –
CME/CEU credit for 1 individual who is not a member
of SAGES, AAGL, AUA, and AORN                                                                                            $85

Please click here to download a copy of our price sheet

Guide: How to Purchase FUSE Products


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