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FUSE Testing Options

Individuals wanting to take the FUSE exam but do not have a test center available to them have the following options. Both options are offered directly by Kryterion, the company that owns and runs Webassessor, the testing site utilized by FLS, FES and FUSE to give the multiple choice exams.

Online Proctoring (OLP)

Test takers can elect to use Kryterion’s OLP service to take their FUSE exam. Before registering for an OLP exam, please make sure that you have administrative rights/the ability to make changes to the computer you will be using on exam day. Additionally, the exam computer must meet or exceed the requirements listed on page 9 of the exam registration guide ( Once the test taker has made sure that the computer meets the requirements, they may follow standard registration steps and select “FUSE Exam (OLP)” as their exam.

Kryterion Testing Network (KTN)

International Test Takers and U.S. Military Personnel Stationed Overseas may take the FUSE assessment at Kryterion authorized Test Centers (KTN) worldwide (1,000+ global locations). For a list of current Kryterion Test Centers, please visit: Once the test taker has determined which test center they would like to take the exam at, they may follow standard registration steps selecting “FUSE Exam (KTN)” as their exam.

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