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Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy Test Taker FAQs

What is FUSE?

El uso fundamental de la energía quirúrgica (FUSIBLE) program is designed to determine whether a successful candidate has the knowledge fundamental to the safe use of surgical energy-based devices in the operating room, endoscopy suite and other procedural areas. The FUSE program covers the following areas:

– Fundamentos de Electrocirugía

– Mecanismos y Prevención de Eventos Adversos

– Dispositivos monopolares

– Dispositivos bipolares

– Radiofrecuencia para ablación de tejidos blandos

– Dispositivos endoscópicos

– Dispositivos de energía ultrasónica

– Sistemas de energía de microondas

– Dispositivos de energía en cirugía pediátrica

Integration of Energy Systems with Implants

Cardiac Devices

– Prevención de incendios en quirófanos

Who developed the FUSE program?

The FUSE Task Force, consisting of members of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SABIOS), is responsible for the development the FUSE program. The Task Force also has representative members from AAGL, AORN and the AUA.

What does the FUSE program encompass?

The FUSE program consists of an online educational teaching module and a multiple-choice exam. There is also a text book which has been written by members of the FUSE Task Force and is available for purchase from Springer and various other online outlets.

What is the FUSE Assessment?

The assessment component is a multiple-choice exam administered via computer documenting cognitive knowledge, and takes 60-90 minutes to complete. The assessment must be given in the presence of an approved FUSE exam proctor.

If I participated in the FUSE beta exam, will I have to take the test again for certification?

Results from the FUSE Beta Test were distributed in September 2014. Si respondió correctamente lo suficiente de las preguntas finales, a FUSE certificate was mailed to the address provided when you completed the beta test form.

If you did not pass an appropriate number of final questions we sent you a complimentary test voucher to take the exam at an official FUSE test center.

Si su información de contacto ha cambiado, please contact us at (310) 437-0544 extensión. 149 o [email protected]

How much CME/Contact Hours can I claim for FUSE?

haga clic aquí to visit our Products page for a details regarding CME/Contact Hours.

How do I request an extension on the expiration date of my FUSE Voucher?

Please click here to fill out the Fundamentals Voucher Extension Request Form.

How do I appeal my FUSE scores?

Please click here to fill out the Fundamentals Exam Score Review Request.

How do I file a complaint regarding my FUSE testing experience?

Please click here to fill out the Fundamentals Test Center Grievance Form.

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